mercoledì 17 giugno 2015

"Tunnel Mazemusic" by J.Weirmeir, San Diego, CA USA

Jude Weirmeir - San Diego, CA, USA

The artwork is revealed as a very special book.
On the back cover, the artist has added the "operating instructions".
On the right side of this page, how to andle the artwork:
the book opens like an accordion, and it has a special cut for the observation.
It makes immediately think of some strange machines of the late nineteenth century,
a kind of cinematographic "trompe l'oeil", a diorama.
On the left of the instruction's page there is an illustration,
the description of the sounds' emission in the human vocal apparatus:
 it combines the physiological  precision with elements very imaginative,
in a sort of pataphysics pseudoscience.

Looking through the window cut,
it is hard to describe "what you see"
both for the amount of detail that for the provision perspective;

- Scores that become labyrinthine paths
- Musical notations that are transformed into graphic signs
- Textual descriptions of sounds, onomatopoeia, signs of path
- Eyes, hands, tongues, palates, silhouettes of human figures
- Brains, cells
- Bicycles, boxes, buildings, parachutes
- Sheeps, divers

The last layer, despite the scrap of the stacked cardboards,
that in every "step" of the gaze reveals more details,
remains instead hidden; in shades of red
hiding perhaps a medieval illustration,
you can only see it "cheating", peering sideways,
compared with the structure
accessible only to the look through the window.

The artwork plays on the sense of depth,
the movement of the viewer's eye,
not only on the horizontal but also in vertical,
in a kind of movement beyond the surface,
grow and unveiling of the totality of the work;
as if, just as the artwork's title says,
we were in a sort of space
enclosed and woven by a musical labyrinth.



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