mercoledì 24 giugno 2015

Lateral Search Engine

Lateral Search Engine
The day that Google stopped working

Maybe - well, no: definitely - I do not have the skills to carry out this project, perhaps already it exists in some other forms that I don't know, almost certainly is an idea that I can hardly put into practice, but it is a project that I'd hate to leave " in the form of notes" in one of my notebooks. A "lateral" search engine. If the normal search engines classify the information's reality (with criteria more or less valid, more or less monetary) the "laterlat" search engine performs researches "horizontally", not in order of importance but according to other criteria of relevance (or not-relevance), for example :

- Synonyms
- The same search but in another language
- The opposite of the term sought
- An anagram of the word sought

... And so on. This type of  "lateral" search engine may be used by the creatives, perhaps specifically by lazy creatives, those who do not have ideas, by those who want to leave the door open to am unexpected search, probably not correct, but overt to possible alternative visions of the search. The major issue to be addressed would be the starting database: however, it is the support of a search engine that already exists, but creating a kind of filter between the user and the engine, which subverts the research carried out.

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