lunedì 8 giugno 2015

Mimmo Domenico Di Caterino for "Giving inspira(c)tion" mailarts' call / HOUS@RT

Mimmo Domenico Di Caterino
has participated in the mailarts' call for HOUS@RT "Giving inspira(c)tion"
sending 3 artworks.

The first is presented as a sequence of agenda's pages, on which are visible the notes taken by the artist for the drafting of its art's articles, pages and lines on which are overlaid portraits playing with style from the stretch sometimes rugged, sometimes smooth. The purple pastel outlines shadows and fills volumes, the green or red pastel marks the volume of shapes; the yellow pastel detaches figures from the background. The portraits are dynamic, captured in a movement or a in twist, symbolic or real. The chronological order of the agenda's pages invites to read the artworks sequentially, naturally enticing the viewer to seek differences and similarities. It is thus, in the observer's mind, that a uniformity of style and content finds its confirmation in each sequential artwork's frame.

The second artwork is represented by two photographs of the artist, on which he posted the signboard "incazzasi" [untranslatable, "get angry"] in the style of the notices "for sale" or "for rent" ["vendesi" or "affittasi"], and stamps of Lamberto Caravita, on which the millimeter suggests a whole's reading of pixels' grain of his artwork and eventually his decipherment on a bigger scale. On the photographed face by/of Mimmo Domenico Di Caterino are visible traits of purple pastel, the same used in the sequential agenda's portraits.

The third content submitted by the artist is an invitation to an event already happened, his marriage to Barbara Ardau; the written request by the woman "what is love" on the sand, apparently an overcrowding answering translated into more than thirty languages of ​​the word "married".

In all the three artworks, feels strong and pervasive the figure of the artist, his work on the face of himself and/or others, about him/their identity through mediums simple but effective, and its transience, that has a lot to do with the contemporary of the art and of the identity gesture, in a changing reality, reproducible, in constant redefinition.

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